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Flight Simulation Report

by Grade 5 Students

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Description of the Project

Throughout the first quarter of Grade 5 students work on map skills. At the end of the quarter, to reinforce these skills, students did the Flight Simulation from Interact.

They worked in teams to fly in a race across an imaginary continent and to record what happened to them. Specific skills that were focused on included map symbols, distance and scale and latitude and longitude. Here are the flight plans and diary entries from four of the teams, Con Air, Blue Sky, Green Marines & Green Hawks together with their evaluation of the simulation.

In addition to their flight slimulation, the Grade 5 students made a trip to the Amsterdam aviodome in 1998 and 1999. Here are some photographs from those visits.

During the 1999-2000 academic year students have been researching important figures in the history of flight as well as experimenting with paper aeroplanes and kite-building to discover more about the dynamics of flight.

External resources. Three excellent reference sites are Aeronautics Learning Laboratory's History of Aeronautics, AeroNet and Aviation Through the Ages, two award-winning entries from the ThinkQuest contest. All of these sites offer visitors lots of interesting information and photographs about the history of flight. Surfing the Net with Kids: Kite Report includes links to Kite Zoo, How does a Kite Fly? Professor Kite and more. Also visit Kite Project: ThinkQuest'99 Entry from the Netherlands

Team Reports : Grade 5 Social Studies Students

Con Air Team

Pilot: Yoo Sung
Co-Pilot: Davis
Navigator: Adeline

Blue Sky Team

Pilot: Tom
Co-Pilot: Kate
Navigator: Kjirsty

Green Marines Team

Pilot: Akie
Navigator: Greg

Green Hawk Team

Pilot: Taku
Co-Pilot: Kathryn
Navigator: Jamie