African Mask Project 1

Constructing our Masks (1)

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This was an interdisciplinary art, drama and music project. We created masks for an African play "Aio the Rainmaker". We worked in pairs making a basic mask out of brown papertape that would fit well on the face. During the first classes we looked in books about African masks to get some ideas for our final designs. Here are some photos of our work in progress, a description of our projects and photos of our completed masks. We also performed in a play entitled Aio the Rainmaker and helped to compose the music.

External Resources : Here is a link to another African Mask Projects from students at O'Farrell Community School in the US That project involved the students creating a mask and doing research on masks in Africa and other cultures. For good background information visit The Art of the African Mask.

Lisa helping Adeline
with her mask.

Ayano making a mask
with Lisa's help.

Jasper, Khalid and Midori
painting their masks.

Davis trying out his mask.

Chris painting his mask.

Jasper painting his mask.