Ms. Swanson, our webmaster, and
grade five students during 1998 visit to Amsterdam.

In January 1998 Ms Swanson visited the city of Chichén Itzá where she collected materials for the students' Maya projects. Information based on her Visit to Chichén Itzá was included in our web site.

In June 1998 Ms Swanson, our webmaster, visited Amsterdam. During her stay she came to our school to meet with the grade five students with whom she had been working on Internet projects during the 1997-1998 school year. The students, teacher and webmaster had a lively discussion evaluating the year's work which included the students' favorite projects and the project management and presentation skills they had acquired, their experience of group work and online publishing, and a summary of the feedback which they had received on their Web pages throughout the year.

Several students told how family members and friends had visited their projects on the Web. One student recounted how she had sent the URL of her class pages to her new school. A number of students who were transferring to new schools the following year planned to keep in touch with former classmates and friends via their grade five web site. All agreed about the benefits of having an electronic portfolio of their work and looked forward to publishing their middle school projects on the Web.

The students had just completed a number of projects and posed for photographs in front of their colorful exhibition of African Masks. There were classroom displays of previous student work including: the Ancient Mayas and Tessellations. The class was busy finishing work on their Inuit Projects which they plan to add to their Grade Five pages

During the afternoon visit, Ms Swanson showed the class the final version of their Maya Projects which she had just posted to their web site a few days prior to her visit. Everyone agreed this had been a great year for the Internet in their classroom and the students were genuinely enthusiastic about their first experience of publishing on the Web.

Ms Hos-McGrane, Grade Five teacher
at her computer.

Ms Hos-McGrane Grade Five
Class of 1997-1998.